What does LSA offer students?

Leisure Studies Association annual summer conferences have a long-established reputation as the place for early career researchers in leisure studies to embark on their professional/ academic conference careers. The Executive Committee of the Association wishes to support and enable a continued expansion of the LSA experience for leisure studies students of the present and future.

What the LSA offers its student community:
  • A Bursary Scheme has been approved, designed to encourage and support the full-conference attendance of PhD candidate presenters at the annual summer conference. 
  • Opportunities to share your recently completed or ongoing research news with hundreds of Leisure Studies Association members and friends via LSA's Leisure Research Showcase
  • Dissertation prizes are handed out annually for the best Undergraduate and Postgraduate (Masters) leisure -based research project. 
  • A presence on Facebook, dedicated to students, and Twitter which allows you to connect with other like-minded scholars, researchers and practitioners worldwide and at any time of the day or night! Perfect for those infamous postgraduate late night writing marathons!