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Recording Leisure Lives: Deviant, Delinquent and Degenerate Leisure in 20th Century Britain


Photographs copyright Bolton Council. From the Collection of Bolton Library and Museum Services

22nd March 2016

A One Day Conference at the University of Bolton, presented by the University of Bolton and University Centre at Blackburn College in partnership with the Leisure Studies Association

The Centre for Worktown Studies invites you to its eighth annual Recording Leisure Lives conference on 22nd March 2016. The theme of the conference is intended to provoke discussion and debate on what have historically been perceived as ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ uses of leisure and the cultural constructions of these perceptions. It invokes consideration of policy and action intended to address ‘wrong’ uses of leisure and also that which promoted a ‘right’ use of leisure as a moral safeguard. It provides scope to pursue issues of identity in leisure, leisure and alternative lifestyles, respectability, place and space. It is of particular relevance to the leisure of young people and the voluntary organisations which have provided leisure opportunities for them; also of interest are those leisure associations which have challenged the political and cultural status quo.

Keynote speakers include Andrew Davies, (University of Liverpool) author of City of Gangs: Glasgow and the Rise of the British Gangster, and Kate Bradley (University of Kent), author of Poverty, Philanthropy and the State: Charities and the Working Classes in London 1918-1979.

The conference sub-themes are: ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ uses of leisure, moral panics, youth sub-cultures and youth organizations, sexual identities and sex tourism, criminality and leisure, places and spaces of leisure, protest and control, liminality and alternative leisure, voluntary and municipal interventions in leisure, Americanization

There is also on open stream on any aspect of leisure in 20th century Britain. Please submit paper proposals [20 minutes] to r.snape@bolton.ac.uk by 22nd January 2016.

Bookings – Please complete and return the Booking Form to the right. For further details please contact Bob Snape, r.snape@bolton.ac.uk or Bethan Atkins B.Atkins@bolton.ac.uk.

See more at: http://www.bolton.ac.uk/Worktown/Conferences.aspx#sthash.Hza4u6gd.dpuf